Mediator’s Tips for Successful Virtual Mediation

More than ever, attorneys must now utilize creative and efficient alternatives to traditional litigation when assisting clients with legal disputes. Virtual mediation seems to have become the “new normal,” so if you have one scheduled, here are some tips:

Virtual Mediation Tips

  • Learn the technology
    • Loading Zoom onto your phone or computer is easy
      • Give it a test run with your family and/or officemates
    • Make sure the client has loaded Zoom and has a stable source of WIFI
    • Ask mediator for a run-through
    • Make sure no one records the mediation
  • Backup plans
    • Have two phones available
    • Get everyone’s phone numbers
  • Do not schedule mediation unless you are ready to settle
    • If your client who is the defendant says, “there’s no way I’m going to pay any money,” don’t go to mediation
  • The parties and all decision-makers must be present
    • Joint sessions vs. private sessions
  • Memos should be done well in advance and should be shared with the other side with plenty of time for evaluation of your claim
    • Pictures
    • Medical reports (not every piece of paper generated by the hospital)
    • Relevant portions of deposition transcripts (not the tiny print ones)
  • Negotiations
    • Prepare your client for a long day and they will feel insulted at times
    • Don’t quit or lose your cool (this can be tedious at times)
    • Don’t make outrageous demands
    • Don’t make dinner plans or plane reservations
    • Bring other work
    • Do keep talking and no ultimatums

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