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Artificial Intelligence

May 21, 2020

The Pandemic Effect: The Outsourced Service Provider as a Resource

This new normal, what will it look like in a few days, weeks, or months? Yes, some may physically be back at the office or having in-person meetings again, while others may be forever changing how they do business. The common factor between those returning physically to a pre-COVID existence, and those setting a new path for themselves will be a realization that our reliance on any outsourced service provider before the outbreak was nothing compared to what it will be moving forward.» Read More

Jun 21, 2019

Neutral Technology or a Deeper Entrenchment of Human Bias? The Hidden Dangers of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a set of code designed to perform specific tasks, including capabilities to rapidly understand and analyze patterns to make judgment calls, predict the future, and draw conclusions. Artificial intelligence can analyze large data sets in a way beyond human capability at a rapid pace.» Read More