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Sep 24, 2020

Coronavirus and the Constitutional Rights of Businesses: Butler v. Wolf

In Butler v. Wolf, Judge Stickman of the Western District of Pennsylvania issued an important ruling on Pennsylvania Governor Wolf’s coronavirus lockdown orders which impacts the Governor’s ability to re-impose some of the more draconian restrictions that he, and governors in New York, New Jersey, and elsewhere, put in place between March and June.» Read More

Apr 15, 2020

Pennsylvania Passes Senate Bill 841 to Allow Public Meetings and Notary Services via Telecommunication

On April 14, 2020, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives passed Senate Bill 841, which allows public entities and notaries to conduct business remotely during the statewide disaster emergency precipitated by COVID-19. The legislation is a culmination of separate State House and Senate bills to allow public entities, including counties, municipalities, and municipal authorities, to utilize telecommunication services for meetings and notary services during the COVID-19 pandemic.» Read More

Mar 27, 2020

Governor Wolf Approves Temporary and Limited Suspension of Rule Requiring Physical Presence of Notaries for Real Estate Transactions

On March 25, 2020, in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Pennsylvania Governor Wolf approved a temporary and limited suspension of 57 Pa.C.S. § 306, which requires the physical presence of notaries, for both personal and commercial real estate transactions.» Read More

Mar 17, 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Legal Update for Pennsylvania Municipalities and Municipal Authorities

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has taken unprecedented action in the face of the threat posed by the coronavirus (COVID-19). On March 6, 2020, he issued a proclamation of the existence of a disaster emergency throughout the Commonwealth, pursuant to the Emergency Management Services Code.» Read More

Aug 14, 2018

Single Member LLCs – Best Practices for Maintaining Liability Protection

In Pennsylvania, forming a corporate entity for your business (particularly an LLC) is a good first step in liability protection for business owners, but it is only the first step.  Once your LLC has been formed, you must take certain actions (and avoid certain others) to maintain a separate existence between yourself and your entity to ensure maximum liability protection.» Read More

Feb 24, 2017

Lehigh Valley Allentown Ranked in Top Places to Live

With our Pennsylvania office located in downtown Allentown, Norris McLaughlin is proud to take part in the transformation and redevelopment of Allentown, which has earned Allentown and the Lehigh Valley 79th place among the largest 100 metropolitan areas in the U.S.» Read More

Feb 24, 2017

Pennsylvania’s P3 Project: The First of its Kind

As widely reported, our Economic Development Practice Group, spearheaded by John Lushis, has been involved in a project with Northampton County, as solicitor to its General Purpose Authority, to address 33 bridges that require substantial rehabilitation or replacement.  This project, known as a P3 project, is being undertaken pursuant to Act 88 through the Commonwealth’s P3 legislation, which focuses on transportation and related infrastructure repairs, improvement, and replacement.» Read More

Feb 16, 2015

Pennsylvania’s Right-To-Know Law Update: PUC Appeals Right-To-Know Decision to Pennsylvania Supreme Court

In December of 2013, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (“PUC”) and an electric utility company reached a settlement regarding an anonymous complaint letter from an employee of the utility.  The employee alleged that during the October 2011 snowstorm electric outages, a work crew member deviated from an assigned high-priority area and allegedly diverted to a lower-priority area.» Read More