Health Care Decision-Making

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November 15, 2022
“The Importance of Choosing the Right Medicaid Advisor”
November 10, 2022
“Just Put Her in a Nursing Home,” Said my Son
August 25, 2022
Do I have to sign over all my assets when I enter a long-term care facility?
August 18, 2022
The PACT Act Signed into Law
July 26, 2021
New Federal Rules Implementing Out-of-Network Charges Issued
June 23, 2021
Truth and Myth in I Care a Lot
January 28, 2021
Do You or Your Parents Have “One Foot on the Banana Peel?”
January 11, 2021
What Guardians Should Know About COVID and the COVID-19 Vaccine
January 4, 2021
Will the COVID-19 Vaccine Bring Reform To Long-Term Care Facilities?
November 24, 2020
Next Surge of COVID-19 Impact on New Jersey Long-Term Care Facilities
September 25, 2020
Special Needs Spotlight Webinar Series: Understanding NJ Medicaid for Individuals With Disabilities
September 18, 2020
COVID-19 Relief for New Jersey Seniors and Long-Term Care Facilities
August 28, 2020
Special Needs Spotlight Webinar Series: Guardianship and Supported Decision-Making
June 10, 2020
Special Needs Spotlight Webinar Series: Integrating Financial & Legal Planning for Families with a Child with a Disability
April 27, 2020
Understanding Fiduciary Roles and Considerations in Choosing Who to Appoint
April 8, 2020
Preparing for Illness in the COVID-19 World
March 31, 2020
Control What You Can – Document Your Wishes
March 20, 2020
COVID-19’s Impact Multiplies for Seniors and Vulnerable Adults
March 12, 2020
Is It Too Late to Protect My Assets If I Need a Facility Now? [VIDEO]
March 11, 2020
What Should I Do If My Loved One’s Nursing Home Bans Visitors Due to Coronavirus?
March 5, 2020
An Example of How Your Role as the Geriatric Social Worker Impacts Clients in Our Elder Care Law Group [VIDEO]
March 3, 2020
Steps That Seniors and Individuals With Serious Health Issues Should Do Now to Prepare for Possible Coronavirus Outbreak
February 27, 2020
What Is One Thing Your Clients Say They Wish They Knew Before Coming to See You? [VIDEO]
February 6, 2020
Tomorrow May Come Sooner Than You Think…
December 31, 2019
Five Suggestions for Elder Care If You or Your Elderly Parents Have “One Foot on the Banana Peel”
September 17, 2019
Five Things I Learned from My Father’s Illness
May 24, 2019
Home, Assisted Living, or Nursing Home: 5 Things to Consider
May 3, 2019
What Should I Look Out for in Assisted Living and Nursing Home Admission Agreements? 5 Top Tips
April 1, 2019
New Jersey Legislature Passed Medical Aid in Dying for the Terminally Ill Act
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