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December 7, 2022
Supreme Court Hears Challenge to Immigration Enforcement Protocol
October 12, 2022
As Fifth Circuit Prepares to Declare DACA Illegal, the White House Aims to Take Executive Action to Protect the Program
July 27, 2022
Warning For Immigrants: Marijuana Could Impact Your Immigration Status
May 24, 2022
Homeland Security Prepares for Increase in Migration
April 19, 2022
DOJ Continues to Enforce Immigration Laws in Pennsylvania
March 18, 2022
Immigration Weekly Round-Up: Labor Secretary Calls for Immigration Changes; New Jersey Impacted by War in Ukraine; European "Heiress" Ordered Deported
January 7, 2022
Immigration Weekly Round-Up: Remain in Mexico Program Continues Despite Legal Appeals; New Jersey Supporting Refugees from Afghanistan
October 8, 2021
Immigration Weekly Round-Up: Bergen County Ends Most ICE Detentions; DHS Reviewing Handling of Recent Border Issues; Dozens of Legal Scholars Call for Immigration Reform 
October 1, 2021
Immigration Weekly Round-Up: Thousands in New Jersey, Other States Impacted by Delay in Immigration Reform; “Remain in Mexico” Policy to End; DHS Relaxes Deportation Enforcement
September 17, 2021
Immigration Weekly Round-Up: Senate Introduces Path to Citizenship for Thousands of Immigrant Children; Federal Court Permits Biden to Limit Immigration Detentions
August 26, 2021
84 Mayors from across the Nation Have Called on Congress and the President to Pass Immigration Reforms
August 13, 2021
Immigration Weekly Round-Up: Court Allows NJ to Restrict Police Cooperation with Immigration Officials; Pathway to Permanent Residence Included with Senate Budget Resolution; Biden Orders ICE Officer Not to Detain Crime Victims, Those Assisting Police
August 12, 2021
New York and New Jersey Legalize Recreational Marijuana: Still, Immigrants Might Face Risks
August 3, 2021
Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania: Massage Parlor Owner Faces Deportation after Human Trafficking Plea
July 23, 2021
Immigration Weekly Round-Up: New DACA Applications Halted, With Biden Promising Appeal; Protesters Block Newark ICE Office, Objecting to Continued Deportation
July 22, 2021
Medical Deportations an Ongoing and Often Neglected Violation of Patient’s Rights
July 20, 2021
York County Prison in Pennsylvania Stops All Immigrant Detention
May 18, 2021
ICE Ends Fining of Undocumented Immigrants, Calls Penalties Ineffective
May 7, 2021
Weekly Immigration Round-Up: Landlord Sues Elizabeth, New Jersey, Detention Center; USCIS Agrees to Speed Up Employment Applications for Spouses of Temporary Workers; Federal Court Grants Immigration Judges More Power to Close Removal Cases
April 30, 2021
Immigration Weekly Round-Up: Supreme Court Decision Expands Relief for Thousands of Immigrants Facing Deportation; New Jersey to Begin Issuing Driver’s Licenses to All Residents Regardless of Immigration Status; ICE Limits Arrests at Courthouses
March 12, 2021
Weekly Immigration Round-Up: Public Charge Rule Terminated; Foreigners Previously Barred from U.S. Can Reapply for Visas; Venezuelans Granted Temporary Protected Status
February 26, 2021
Weekly Immigration Round-Up: Biden Restarts Processing Permanent Residence Visas; Court Weakens Deportation Moratorium; Supreme Court Examines Immigrant “Wealth Test”
February 19, 2021
Weekly Immigration Round-Up: Massive Immigration Reform Bill Goes to Congress; Law Enforcement Officials Support New Jersey Sanctuary City Law
February 12, 2021
Immigration Weekly Round-Up: Children Deported to Haiti; Central American Asylum Agreement Suspended; Witnesses Fearing Retribution Now Eligible for Asylum
February 11, 2021
James McHenry, Trump Appointed Head of Immigration Courts, Replaced by Jean King
February 5, 2021
Immigration Weekly Round-Up: New Executive Orders; Deportations Continue; Protection Extended for Syrian Nationals
January 30, 2021
Weekly Immigration Round-Up: Halt to Deportation Moratorium; New Leadership Forming at Department of Homeland Security; Biden’s New Executive Actions
January 26, 2021
DHS and States Sign SAFE Agreement That Could Obstruct Biden’s Upcoming Immigration Policies
January 20, 2021
Trump Approves Deferred Deportation for Venezuelans
January 15, 2021
Weekly Round-Up: Google Backs DACA and Immigration Reform; Court Blocks White House Efforts to Stop Refugee Resettlement; Acting DHS Director Resigns
September 14, 2020
ICE Arrests Over 2,000 Illegal Immigrants, Many With Criminal Charges or Convictions
September 4, 2020
Medical Repatriation on the Rise: Guatemalan Immigrant Who Escaped Medical Deportation Moved to Long-Term Care
June 28, 2019
EOIR (Removal and Deportation) and Immigration Courts: CRIMigration FAQs
May 21, 2019
Don’t Wait: You Can Act Now to Protect Your Children If You Face Deportation
July 9, 2018
‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ Husband Charged by ICE and Faces Deportation to Italy
April 2, 2018
Medical Deportations? With healthcare repatriations of immigrants increasing, the industry’s medical repatriations process is facing increased scrutiny.
June 28, 2017
Criminal Attorney’s Ineffective Representation Results in Defendant’s Definite Deportation
May 6, 2016
Voluntary Departure vs. Deportation
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