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June 16, 2022
Justice Department Secures Settlement with Florida Employer to Resolve Immigration-Related Discrimination Claims
April 19, 2022
DOJ Continues to Enforce Immigration Laws in Pennsylvania
March 24, 2022
DOJ Announces Charges Against Pennsylvania Man for Immigration Document Fraud and Aggravated Identity Theft
February 22, 2022
DOJ Announces Settlement of Immigration-Related Discrimination Claims with Insurance Company
February 17, 2022
DOJ Announces Settlement of Immigration-Related Discrimination Claims Against Frozen Food Company
February 3, 2022
The Department of Justice Increases Certain Immigration-Related Employer Penalties to Adjust for Inflation
December 10, 2021
Immigration Weekly Round-Up: Biden Nixes Salary-Based Visa Selection; Senate Democrats Weigh Alternate Routes to Immigration Reform; DOJ Recognizes Immigration Judges’ Union
December 7, 2021
Immigration Backlog: Dedicated Docket Still Slow
November 18, 2021
DOJ Announces Settlement of Immigration-Related Discrimination Claims
November 11, 2021
Recent Settlements Highlight Government Enforcement of Laws Against Immigration-Related Discrimination
October 7, 2021
DOJ Settles with Large Health Care Organization Regarding Software-Based, Immigration-Related Discrimination Claims
September 28, 2021
DOJ Settles Claim Against Illinois-Based IT Recruiter for Discrimination Against U.S. Workers
September 21, 2021
DHS and DOJ Publish Proposed Rule Allowing Asylum Officers to Fully Adjudicate Cases Previously Assigned to Immigration Judges
September 7, 2021
Biden Administration Sues Texas for Issuing New Directive Immigration Policy
August 20, 2021
Immigration Weekly Round-Up: NJ Prison No Longer Detaining Immigrants; Federal Felony for Unlawful Reentry to U.S. Found Unconstitutional; Biden Policy Limiting Detention Struck Down
July 29, 2021
DOJ Settles Retaliation Claim with a Delivery Services Company
July 23, 2021
Immigration Weekly Round-Up: New DACA Applications Halted, With Biden Promising Appeal; Protesters Block Newark ICE Office, Objecting to Continued Deportation
July 6, 2021
Department of Justice Settles Immigration-Related Discrimination Claim with Texas-Based Industrial Contractor
June 24, 2021
Immigration Court System Staggers Amidst Looming Backlog of Asylum Cases
March 18, 2021
ICE Investigators Use Private Database Covering Millions of Individuals to Pursue Immigration Violations
February 11, 2021
James McHenry, Trump Appointed Head of Immigration Courts, Replaced by Jean King
July 12, 2017
Panda Express Fined $400,000 for Form I-9 Compliance Violation
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