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August 24, 2022
Proposed New Rule Suggests Virtual Future for I-9 Verification
April 5, 2022
Religious Workers Face Uncertainty Over Immigration Status
March 29, 2022
USCIS Policies Lead to High Denial Rates for L-1B Petitions
March 11, 2022
Immigration Weekly Round-Up: Expulsion Policy Faces Political Heat; ICE Arrests Fall Under Biden; Chamber of Commerce Supports Increase in Immigration
March 10, 2022
Amidst Ongoing Labor Shortage, USCIS Processing Delays Prevent Noncitizens from Work
February 8, 2022
USCIS Announces Registration Period for H-1B Cap for Fiscal Year 2023
January 20, 2022
USCIS Issues New Policy Guidance for O-1B Visas
January 18, 2022
DHS Extends I-9 Flexibility and Signals Possible Regulatory Change
December 21, 2021
U.S. Government Begins Denying Afghan Applications for Humanitarian Parole
September 21, 2021
DHS and DOJ Publish Proposed Rule Allowing Asylum Officers to Fully Adjudicate Cases Previously Assigned to Immigration Judges
September 16, 2021
USCIS Launches H-2B Employer Data Hub to Promote Transparency
August 31, 2021
D.C. Circuit Court Along with Nine Other Circuit Courts Rules that USCIS Has Final Say in Visa Revocations
July 23, 2021
Immigration Weekly Round-Up: New DACA Applications Halted, With Biden Promising Appeal; Protesters Block Newark ICE Office, Objecting to Continued Deportation
June 25, 2021
Immigration Weekly Round-Up: NJ State Assembly Votes to Ban ICE Detention; Immigration Benefits No Longer Denied for Minor Application Errors; Children Face Harsh Conditions in Immigration Detention
June 18, 2021
Immigration Weekly Round-Up: Attorney General Expands Eligibility for Asylum; Employment to Be Authorized for Immigrants Who Are Victims of Crimes; Biden to Continue Family Reunification Efforts
June 8, 2021
Form I-9 Requirement COVID-19 Flexibility Extended until August 31
June 4, 2021
Immigration Weekly Round-Up: “Remain in Mexico Policy” Ends; Bipartisan Calls to Protect Afghan Allies; USCIS Softens Unlawful Voter Registration Penalties
May 4, 2021
‘90-Day Fiancé’ – The K-1 Fiancé Visa in the United States
March 9, 2021
USCIS Reverts to 2008 Version of Naturalization Civics Test
January 21, 2021
Online Tools to Decrease Wait Times in Immigration During COVID
January 19, 2021
USCIS Announces Delays in Biometric Appointments Due to COVID-19
October 2, 2020
USCIS Fee Increase Blocked by California Federal Judge
September 25, 2020
Flexibility in Responding to USCIS Requests Extended
September 18, 2020
DHS Expands Use of Biometric Data in Immigration
August 28, 2020
USCIS Halts Furlough of 70% of Workforce; Still Processing Times Likely To Increase
August 10, 2020
Significant Fee Rise in Immigration Forms Affects Businesses and Immigrants
July 27, 2020
ICE Extends I-9 Compliance Flexibility Until August 19, 2020
June 24, 2020
Arbitrary H-1B Nonimmigrant Visa Denials Have Employers Thinking Federal Litigation Rather Than Administrative Review
April 29, 2020
USCIS Makes Significant Changes to Handbook for Employers: Guidance Completing Form I-9
April 22, 2020
USCIS Urges COVID-19 Testing and Treatment With ICE Updating Enforcement Policy to Reduce Fear of Arrest and Spread of Coronavirus
April 20, 2020
DHS Temporarily Amends Certain H-2A Visa Requirements During COVID-19 National Emergency
March 19, 2020
The Immigration of Coronavirus
March 2, 2020
The New Public Charge Rule
December 4, 2019
USCIS Premium Processing Program Subject to New Rule in Federal Register from the DHS
November 22, 2019
H-1B Non-Immigrant Temporary Specialty Worker Visa Denials Quadruple in 2019
November 20, 2019
U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services Increases Premium Processing Fee for Employment-Based Petitions Again
August 22, 2019
What Should Employers Do When Current Form I-9 Expires August 31?
August 7, 2019
NJ Foresees 1000% Increase in Worksite Immigration Inspection
April 22, 2019
Are You an Immigrant Who (Legally) Smokes Weed? If So, You May Never Become a U.S. Citizen
December 26, 2018
Government Shutdown Impact on Immigration
July 5, 2017
Venezuelan Asylum Applicants in the United States Double Amid Venezuela's Political and Economic Chaos
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