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June 14, 2021
OSHA Issues COVID-19 Safety Rule: Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS)
December 17, 2020
EEOC Updates Its COVID-19 Technical Assistance Publication to Address Vaccinations
December 9, 2020
New Jersey Revises Travel Restriction Guidelines
November 3, 2020
Daily Health Checks Under Governor Murphy’s Executive Order 192
September 14, 2020
NJ Supreme Court: Arbitration Agreements Are Enforceable Even If They Do Not Designate an Arbitral Forum or Process for Choosing an Arbitration Mechanism or Setting
July 20, 2020
U.S. Department of Labor Issues New FMLA Forms and Guidance on Return-To-Work Issues
June 22, 2020
United States Supreme Court Prohibits Terminating Employees Because of Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity
June 11, 2020
EEOC: What You Should Know About COVID-19 and the ADA, the Rehabilitation Act, and Other EEO Laws
June 8, 2020
Got Room for Another Poster?
May 5, 2020
PPP Loan Forgiveness and Employees Who Refuse to Come Back to Work
April 23, 2020
Do the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) and Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act Apply to Immigrant Employees?
April 15, 2020
More Changes in New Jersey Employment Law
April 14, 2020
More Changes in New Jersey Employment Law Potentially on the Way
April 2, 2020
DOL and IRS Release Guidance on the Families First Coronavirus Response Act
March 30, 2020
The U.S. DOL Updates Its Guidance on the Families First Coronavirus Response Act Once Again
March 29, 2020
Inside the CARES Act: Five-Year Carryback for Net Operating Losses and Taxable Income Offset
March 29, 2020
Inside the CARES Act: Changes to the Bankruptcy Code Under the CARES Act
March 29, 2020
Inside the CARES Act: Loan Payment Subsidies for Certain Loans as Part of the CARES Act of 2020
March 29, 2020
Inside the CARES Act: Emergency EIDL Grants as Part of the CARES Act of 2020
March 27, 2020
More Answers About the FFCRA From the U.S. Department of Labor
March 26, 2020
U.S. DOL Issues Guidance and Poster on Families First Coronavirus Response Act; Governor Murphy Expands TDI, FLI, and Sick Leave Benefits in Response to COVID-19
March 20, 2020
The Updated Rules on Joint Employment: A More Direct Approach and With Less Worry
March 19, 2020
Families First Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response Act
March 18, 2020
State and Federal Government Pressed to Meet Unemployment Demands Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic
February 3, 2020
Employers: DHS Releases New Revised Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification
January 31, 2020
New Jersey’s Plant Closing Law Significantly Expanded and Now Mandates Severance Pay
January 24, 2020
Employers Misclassifying Workers as Independent Contractors: A Six-Pack of Employee Misclassification Laws
December 24, 2019
2019: A Very Busy Year For New Jersey Employers
December 20, 2019
New Jersey Continues to Expand Employee Protections by Enacting a New Law Prohibiting Hairstyle Discrimination
December 17, 2019
Don't Forget the Do’s and Don'ts of Company Holiday Parties this Season!
October 8, 2019
5 Workplace Discrimination Examples Based on Immigration Status and National Origin
September 4, 2019
New EEOC Digest Released on Equal Employment Opportunity Law
August 20, 2019
New Jersey Passes Wage Theft Law: Employers Beware
August 16, 2019
Employment and Wage Laws Apply to All Employees Regardless of Immigration Status
August 14, 2019
NJ Medical Marijuana Laws Expand Employee Protections
August 7, 2019
New Bill May Significantly Expand NY State Employment Rights
July 26, 2019
New Jersey Law Bans Employers from Asking About Salary History
June 18, 2019
New Jersey Adopts First State-Wide Commuter Benefit Law
May 29, 2019
New Jersey Expands Family Leave Laws
April 11, 2019
EEOC Announces Fiscal Year 2018 Data on Charges and Litigation
February 15, 2019
New Jersey's Legislature Continues to Alter Employment Law Landscape
January 31, 2019
EEOC Is Up and Running after the Shutdown, Reporting on Settlements and New Litigation Involving Gender Discrimination and Sexual Harassment
October 29, 2018
NJ Sick Leave Act Confusion Continues
August 13, 2018
New Jersey Allows Striking Workers to Collect Unemployment Benefits
July 26, 2018
Annual Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Now Required in New York
July 20, 2018
New Jersey Moves to Bar Confidentiality in Certain Settlements
June 19, 2018
The Importance of Maintaining Detailed Job Descriptions
April 3, 2018
Employee's Voluntary Resignation Does Not Necessarily Result in Disqualification for Unemployment Benefits
March 14, 2018
It’s a State of Emergency; I Can't Make It To Work
November 8, 2017
Way to Get Fired Number 4,527: Posting A Picture of Yourself Flipping Off the President
October 12, 2017
Do You Know The ABC’s About Independent Contractors?
July 17, 2017
A Generic Doctor’s Note, Without More, Will Not Support A Claim Under The NJLAD
May 2, 2017
New Jersey’s Unemployment Compensation Act Definition Of “Simple Misconduct” Deemed Arbitrary And Capricious
April 21, 2017
Unemployment Benefits Do Not Factor Into Damages Calculations in Employment Discrimination Lawsuits
March 29, 2017
Jury Waiver And Arbitration Agreements Require Specificity
March 10, 2017
Dispelling the 10 Biggest Wage and Hour Myths
January 29, 2016
The Anonymous Employee Complaint Letter. What's An Employer To Do?
September 29, 2015
Arbitration Clause in Employee Handbook Found Not Enforceable
June 15, 2015
U.S. Department of Labor Issues New FMLA Form
February 17, 2015
The New Jersey Supreme Court’s New Decision On Harassment In The Workplace - What Employers Need To Know
June 24, 2014
Shortening Of Statute Of Limitations By Agreement Contained In Employment Application Deemed Enforceable
November 14, 2013
Termination: How to Achieve a Valid Release
May 7, 2012
New Jersey Restores Exemption for Commissioned Sales Employees
December 29, 2011
Providing Employment Verifications
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