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Dec 07, 2017

Healthcare, Hospitals, and Immigration: The Need to Access the Global Medical Professional Workforce with Ease

Every healthcare organization has two essential requirements: (1) continuous access to qualified talent; and (2) continuous access to significant numbers of that talent.  Hospitals clearly need a lot of employees.  To meet these demands, today, more than ever, hospitals and other healthcare providers call on international medical graduates, international students educated in medicine in the United States, global researchers in every practice of medicine, and world-renowned specialists in countless professions.» Read More

Sep 30, 2016

Getting to Know Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Litigation in the U.S. Market

Whether you are from a global pharmaceutical or medical device company with products in the U.S. market, or your company is thinking of introducing pharmaceutical or medical device products into the U.S., you need to know the litigation landscape.  The American Conference Institute is holding its annual Drug and Medical Device Litigation Conference in New York City, Dec.» Read More

Sep 17, 2014

Foreign Investors in US Health Care Provider and Equipment Companies – Beware of the False Claims Act

“Since 2009, the United States Department of Justice has collected more than $2.3 Billion from healthcare professionals for violations of the False Claims Act.”  The Medical Profession Beware: False Claims Act – A Danger You Can’t Ignore, Theodore Margolis, Esq. and Sandra Jarva Weiss, Esq., MD News Eastern Pennsylvania/NW New Jersey, 2014.  » Read More