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Apr 22, 2019

The Cost of Capital: How High Will Director & Officer Insurance Premiums Climb for Non-U.S. Businesses?

American businesses, especially those whose securities are publicly traded on exchanges in the U.S. capital markets, know full well that their shareholding owners may sue them for mismanagement and also for failing to be frank about performance and/or risks. Adding to potential shareholder claims, among other things, are environmental pollution, sexual misconduct, and breaches of cybersecurity.» Read More

Feb 20, 2015

REWIND: International Business News #101

This week, in the REWIND of international business news, we discuss Google possibly violating antitrust laws and more trouble for Airbnb.

Yet another regulatory body may question whether Google violated antitrust laws.

European authorities began an inquiry into Google’s practice of bundling apps with its Android operating system last year. » Read More

Feb 13, 2015

REWIND: International Business News #100

In this week’s REWIND of international business news,

  • The U.S. Copyright Office released a report last week detailing its findings on, and recommendations to improve, what it calls “the aging music licensing framework.”  Acknowledging that many in the music industry consider the licensing system to be broken, the “Copyright and the Music Marketplace” report undertook an exhaustive review of the music  licensing process, including a focus on music steaming services. 
» Read More

Sep 30, 2010

U.S. and U.K. International Business Transactions, Money Transfers and Money Laundering

The current economic problems have created a great deal of activity in the business crimes area. When economies have problems, there are always two phenomena that occur. First, there is more regulation and legislation to prevent future business defalcations and there are more indictments of business persons for white collar crimes.» Read More