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Oct 02, 2017

U.S. to Begin Collecting Social Media Information on All Immigrants

Starting October 18, as part of a new tracking system, the Department of Homeland Security will collect social media and internet data on U.S. immigrants, including lawful permanent residents, and naturalized citizens.  This new plan will coincide with the start of the White House’s new travel restrictions on citizens from Chad, Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, North Korea, and Venezuela.» Read More

Oct 25, 2013

REWIND: International Business News #82

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This week in international business news, we discuss Twitter’s lack of patents and implications on its IPO, Hewlett-Packard seeking buyer for its mobile-computing patents, and Mattel suffers a loss in its trademark battle with Zynga over “Scrabble with Friends” in the U.K.» Read More

Mar 20, 2012

Is Social Media a Corporate Spy’s Best “Friend”? How Social Media Use May Expose Your Company to Cyber-Vulnerability

The rise of social media has ignited a societal change in how people across the world communicate and “stay in touch.”  These social networking websites allow users to create personal profiles, post comments, join groups, add contacts, and most important, find like-minded people with whom to share ideas, interests, and experiences.» Read More

Jun 24, 2011

Focused REWIND: Cyber Breach Roundup

  • A survey of IT practitioners conducted by the Ponemon Institute and Juniper Networks suggests that cyber attacks have recently become more harsh and recurrent. At least 90% of the IT practitioners surveyed claimed that they had experienced one or more cyber breaches within the last year, and 89% of these respondents could not identify the source of these breaches.
» Read More

Oct 13, 2010

FDA, SEC and FINRA Focus on Social Media

Businesses operating in regulated industries (that is, industries subject to rules and regulations promulgated by governmental agencies and departments) are challenged by the use of websites and other online tools which permit users and readers to interact by sharing and distributing information and content (collectively, “Social Media”). » Read More