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Apr 25, 2014

REWIND: International Business News #93

In this week’s REWIND of international business law news, a New York judge resuscitates a colonial law to allow a lawsuit against U.S. companies for doing business with the South African apartheid regime, India braces for a potential United States downgrade of its intellectual property rights classification, and New York authorities poise to charge area car dealerships in a scheme to export luxury cars to China.» Read More

Aug 16, 2013

REWIND: International Business News #77

This week’s REWIND in international business news looks at EU allegations that China is imposing illegal duties on import of steel pipes, a U.S. company in court fight over competition concerns in Germany, and Brazilian bank faced with demand for back taxes for a 2008 merger.» Read More

Mar 15, 2013

REWIND: International Business News #60

  • Prime Minister Sinzo Abe is pushing Japan to enter negotiations to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which is a free-trade pact that includes the U.S. and other Pacific nations. Viewing the move as a “last chance” to prevent Japan from being “left out,” Abe is facing strong opposition from Japan’s agricultural sector, which has historically been adverse to trade liberalization.
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