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Nov 13, 2018

Tweaks to Retirement Plan Rules Wait as “RESA” Looks to 2019

Originally introduced in 2016 and revitalized in Congress this past March, the latest version of the carefully watched “Retirement Enhancement and Savings Act” begins to gather dust again as the end of the legislative year approaches. While still languishing in Washington, D.C., » Read More

Oct 24, 2018

Will We Finally See Adoption of the Retirement Enhancement and Savings Act/Family Savings Act in 2019?

A legislative vehicle that has periodically enjoyed bipartisan support in the past was reintroduced to Congress in 2018 and may just see a resurgence early next year, albeit under a different moniker.

The Retirement Enhancement and Savings Act (“RESA”), a collection of proposed enhancements to voluntary retirement plans, was approved by the Senate Finance Committee in 2016, but saw no further legislative action. » Read More