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Feb 27, 2020

What Is One Thing Your Clients Say They Wish They Knew Before Coming to See You?

The Norris McLaughlin Elder Care & Special Needs Law Practice Group answers your questions. In this video, our geriatric social worker, Lori Kayne, addresses planning ahead for aging and what clients tell her they wish they knew before coming to an elder law attorney for help.» Read More

Feb 06, 2020

Tomorrow May Come Sooner Than You Think…

We recently had a new client come to see us regarding life care planning at the urging of her children. She was the primary caregiver for her husband who has advanced dementia and needs 24-hour care. She was in good health and felt she was managing well for the moment but was interested in beginning a discussion about what her options would be if his care needs increased or if something happened to her.» Read More

Jan 23, 2020

How Is Your Practice Different From Other Trusts and Estate Lawyers or a General Attorney Who Does Wills and Real Estate?

Shana Siegel, Chair of the Norris McLaughlin Elder Care & Special Needs Law Practice Group, answers your questions. This video addresses how Shana’s practice at Norris McLaughlin differs from other trusts and estate lawyers or a general attorney who handles wills and real estate.» Read More

Dec 31, 2019

Five Suggestions for Elder Care If You or Your Elderly Parents Have “One Foot on the Banana Peel”

Shana and I recently had a new client, “Jane,” that came to see us because she was concerned about her elderly parents. Both are in their 90s and although they are still living independently, she is noticing both a physical and cognitive decline in both. » Read More

Jun 11, 2019

Special Needs Planning: Don’t Get Stuck Giving Unnecessary Money to the State

Special needs planning requires special expertise. I sat down with a new client last week and asked to review her old estate planning documents. Her Will included a special needs trust for her young adult child with autism. The document was prepared by a prestigious firm, so I was shocked to find that the trust was completely wrong.» Read More

May 06, 2019

How Can I Protect Myself From Financial Exploitation as I Age?

In our office, we think a lot about solo seniors – older adults who live alone and have no immediate family. Right now we are working on an unfortunate case where multiple bad actors took advantage of a vulnerable woman, taking hundreds of thousands of dollars.» Read More