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Welcome to the Legally Grown Blog!

Welcome to Legally Grown, the firm’s blog dedicated to all things cannabis!  The legal cannabis and marijuana industries have grown by leaps and bounds in the last decade, and the East Coast is primed to be a hotbed of new activity and opportunity for investors, entrepreneurs, and others looking to ride the wave.  News and legal developments in this area come fast and furious.  This blog will serve as a central source of information for our clients and readers to keep ahead of the curve in real time.

Legally Grown is authored by members of the firm’s Cannabis Law Group, a diverse and experienced group of attorneys.  We offer legal insights and expertise in virtually all areas of the law pertaining to the cannabis industry, including intellectual property, real estate, labor and employment, banking, environmental, health care, corporate, and licensing and regulatory matters.

Norris McLaughlin is well situated to be at the forefront of law firms practicing in the cannabis industry in our region.  Our attorneys have the breadth of subject matter and depth of knowledge to assist our clients in navigating through what can seem like a minefield of traps for the unwary.  Having major offices in Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey allows us to assist our clients in the geographic area many predict to be the next boom region in the cannabis industry.

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