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In the News: Attorney Matt Andersen Successfully Transfers Liquor License into Whitehall Township

Matt Andersen, Norris McLaughlin, Pennsylvania Liquor Law, Licensing, Manufacturing, and Distribution Attorney

Matthew B. Andersen, Esquire, an attorney in the Liquor Law Practice Group, was recently successful in transferring a restaurant liquor license into Whitehall Township.  The license was obtained from the most recent Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board liquor license auction.  Andersen’s approval was achieved for a local convenience store operator and follows Whitehall Township’s recent denial of a Sheetz request made by other counsel.

In WFMZ’s “Whitehall Township Commissioners Approval Liquor License Transfer,” Andersen is quoted from his presentation to the Whitehall Township Board of Commissioners regarding the subject inter-municipal transfer on behalf of a firm client.

A liquor license must be inter-municipal transferred if it is located within the same county, but located outside of the municipality in which the potential licensee would like to operate.  A public hearing must be held before the governing body of the municipality, which must accept any public comment available and can approve or deny the inter-municipal transfer request.

Our Liquor Law Practice Group has been successful across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in obtaining approvals to move licenses into municipalities.  Our experience with certain municipalities permits us to strategize on behalf of our clients to either proceed with the inter-municipal transfer or to locate a license within a municipality, and avoid this process entirely.

For additional information regarding this matter or other Pennsylvania or federal liquor law matters, please contact Matthew B. Andersen, Esquire, at, or the Liquor Law Department Chair Theodore J. Zeller III, Esquire, at, or call our offices at 610-391-1800.