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Feb 07, 2019

ABC Relaxation of COLA Requirement for Intrastate Sales

Relax.  You may not always need a COLA to register your brand in New Jersey.

In a prior post, we talked about the need to obtain a COLA for New Jersey brand registration per New Jersey regulations, even if the brand is sold intrastate only, or just in your taproom (and therefore would not require a COLA under federal law).  » Read More

Aug 21, 2017

Pa.L.C.B. Changes Procedure on Brand Registration for Breweries


Effective January 1, 2018, the Pa.L.C.B. is only requiring a COLA to be obtained from the TTB, and filed with the Office of Malt Beverage Compliance, for brand registration if the brands will be sold to licensees, including restaurants, hotels, distributors, clubs and other manufacturers.  » Read More

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