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Summertime = Friday and Monday Flu Season

When I was in college, a lot of kids (not me — I clearly scheduled extra classes) would try to fix their schedule so they would not have class on a Friday or a Monday (or before 10 or after 4 or any time it was sunny and over 60 degrees).  When you enter the “real world,” it is much more difficult to formulate a work schedule that permits such behavior.  Nevertheless, even though it is not officially “summer,” the unofficial start to the summer season kicked off this weekend.  This also marks the unofficial start to the shocking Friday/Monday flu season, the backdoor way employees try to keep up the time honored tradition of the college four-day weekend.

In order to prevent employees from catching a case of the Friday/Monday flu, employers should have written policies in place to address excessive absenteeism or tardiness.  Employers should also counsel and discipline employees if they violate the attendance/tardiness policies and inform them that they will be subject to discipline, up to and including termination, if they continue to engage in excessive absenteeism or tardiness.  Employers also should have a specific written policy stating that paid time off accrues on a monthly basis, and any time used and not earned must be repaid at the time of termination.

Either that, or just close every Friday and Monday until Labor Day.  I have recommended that to our office, and I’m still waiting on a response.  For questions about this or any other labor and employment topic, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our Labor and Employment Department.