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EEOC Reconvenes Task Force on Preventing Harassment in the Workplace

In June 2016, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s Select Task Force on the Study of Harassment in the Workplace issued a report on its 18-month examination of the countless issues relating to workplace harassment.  The report also included several conclusions recognizing the continuing presence of harassment in the workplace, as well as recommendations for best practices, training, and outreach focused on harassment prevention.  Two years later, on June 11, 2018, the EEOC reconvened its Select Task Force in Washington, D.C., for a meeting entitled “Transforming #MeToo into Harassment-Free Workplaces.” The EEOC’s press release discussing the June 11 meeting can be found here.  According to the EEOC, the Task Force’s co-chairs reported on, among other topics, the EEOC’s efforts in the area of harassment prevention since the 2016 report was issued.  In addition, the EEOC recounted the testimony of several experts in the field who commented on such issues as state legislative action addressing sexual harassment, non-disclosure agreements, arbitration agreements, and strategies for the prevention of harassment in the workplace in the context of the #MeToo movement.  Statements made at the June 11, 2018 meeting by the Task Force Co-Chairs and the Witnesses can be reviewed here.

As part of the EEOC’s recommendations, training of employees and managers is mandatory.  We offer harassment training as well as many other training sessions that you can view here.

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