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New York City Says “Goodbye” to Pre-Employment Screening for THC

Effective May 10, 2020, law Int. 1445-A will officially prohibit New York City employers, labor organizations, and employment agencies from conducting pre-employment drug testing for THC, the active ingredient in cannabis and marijuana. However, this holds true only for non-safety sensitive positions. Employees who hold safety-sensitive positions such as law enforcement personnel or commercially licensed drivers, or who hold federal or state positions may still be subject to THC pre-employment testing. As of now, there is no guidance as to how the new law will affect drug testing on current employees. To learn more about New York City’s adoption of law Int. 1445-A, read my blog “New York City Adopts Law Banning Pre-Employment Testing for Marijuana and THC” on our cannabis law blog, Legally Grown.

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