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Nov 09, 2018

Employment Law in Television and the Movies Recap

And just like that, our 2018 seminars are complete.  We would like to thank you to everyone who came out to our last (and clearly most fun and educational) seminar of the year!

We discussed the handling of a variety of employment issues including discrimination, harassment, employee discipline, and employee termination, as seen in popular TV programs and movies (primarily Seinfeld and the Office, obviously).  » Read More

Nov 06, 2015

Was That Wrong, Should I Not Have Done That?

When finding a “role model” employee to point to, to show your employees how to act and what to do, you may want to look to someone other than George Costanza. For those of you who don’t know who George Costanza is, not only am I disappointed in you, but I’m wondering if you have been in a coma for the last 20 years. » Read More

Sep 03, 2015

Upon Further Review the Decision of the NFL in Deflategate Is Overturned

As anyone who owns a television knows, the NFL suspended Super Bowl winning quarterback Tom Brady for the first four games of the NFL season for his involvement in the deflategate scandal.  The four-game suspension was imposed by the NFL disciplinary officer and affirmed by Commissioner Godell serving as the sole arbitrator pursuant to the CBA between the league and its players’ association. » Read More

Aug 05, 2015

Even if Criminal Charges Are Dropped, an Employer Can Still Discipline an Employee

Employers often ask what they can do about an employee who was in an off-duty incident but no criminal charges were brought and/or any criminal charges were subsequently dropped. The NFL’s Buffalo Bills decided this week to suspend Offensive Line Coach Aaron Kromer without pay for six games this season as a result of an off-field incident earlier this summer. » Read More