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Tax Appeals

Feb 28, 2014

Property Tax Appeals Can Save Money


One obvious reason for filing a real estate tax appeal is to obtain a lower assessment on your real property and thereby save significant tax dollars. An equally important reason to keep taxes low is to help maintain the value of the property, making it more saleable in the event that the tax appeal is successful.

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Mar 04, 2013

What Is a Chapter 91 Request?

Guest post by  and Andrew Linden

Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 54:4-34, municipalities may issue to owners of real property what is known as a “Chapter 91” request. This request seeks information pertaining to the taxpayer’s income and expenses for the real property so that the information can be used to assist the tax assessor to determine the following year’s tax assessment and whether the property is “income producing” (meaning generally that a fee is paid to the owner for the continuous and exclusive use of a specific portion of the land or buildings, i.e., » Read More

Nov 06, 2012

New State Law Requires Property Tax Refunds for Sites under Environmental Remediation Orders Be Paid to NJDEP

NJ Biz reports: A state law enacted this summer could have widespread effects on owners of New Jersey industrial properties.  The law diverts property tax refunds for sites under environmental remediation that are vacant or “underutilized” to the state Department of Environmental Protection to pay for the remediation, leaving property owners empty-handed until the cost for remediation has been paid. » Read More

Apr 19, 2012

EDA Approves Grow NJ Tax Credits, Goethals Bridge Replacement Bonds

On April 10, the New Jersey Economic Development Authority board approved a total of $110 million in tax credits under the new Grow New Jersey Assistance Program, signed into law in January with support from NAIOPNJ, which targets businesses that are both investing money in the state and adding or retaining 100 jobs. » Read More