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New Jersey Economic Development Authority

Apr 19, 2012

EDA Approves Grow NJ Tax Credits, Goethals Bridge Replacement Bonds

On April 10, the New Jersey Economic Development Authority board approved a total of $110 million in tax credits under the new Grow New Jersey Assistance Program, signed into law in January with support from NAIOPNJ, which targets businesses that are both investing money in the state and adding or retaining 100 jobs. » Read More

Sep 09, 2011

For Those Affected by Hurricane Irene: EDA Will Help Hurricane-Ravaged Businesses Rebuild

On September 6, the NJ EDA approved an emergency measure to make it easier for businesses that were destroyed by Hurricane Irene to receive upfront cash to rebuild while waiting for the insurance money to arrive. The unanimously approved changes to EDA’s Main Street program include an increase in the line of credit from $250,000 to $500,000 for businesses that have insurance, and to have more banks participate in the program, from the current 14 to 44. » Read More

Apr 05, 2011

IN THE NEWS: Hartz Sues EDA Over Panasonic Credits

NJ Biz reports: Secaucus-based real estate developer Hartz Mountain Industries has filed another lawsuit against the New Jersey Economic Development Authority, appealing the agency’s approval of $102 million in Urban Transit Hub tax credits to Panasonic.  The credits would allow Panasonic to relocate from current space in Hartz-owned building for a new building in Newark. » Read More