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Jul 13, 2017

Lease Assignments Are Not Guaranteed

There are commercial tenants out there who operate under the mistaken belief that they can simply have another tenant take their place and ride off into the sunset. It doesn’t work that way in most instances. To have another tenant take its place, the original tenant must, in most circumstances, properly assign the lease to the new tenant and obtain the landlord’s consent. » Read More

Jan 18, 2016

My Tenants’ Lease is Up – Why Can’t I Just Kick Them Out?

Many times I have been approached by a landlord who wants to evict residential tenants from the premises because the lease has “expired.” The first questions I ask are: 1) whether the landlord lives in the premises, and 2) whether the premises contain no more than two rental units (in addition to the landlord’s unit). » Read More

Jul 11, 2011

What is A Partition Action?

Partition is the process by which property held by tenants in common is divided.  As a practical matter, literal partition or division of the property is rarely ordered; instead, the court more often will direct a sale of the property and a division of the proceeds.  » Read More

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