Venture Tech & Emerging Growth Companies

We at Norris McLaughlin understand the needs of emerging growth companies and entrepreneurs and partner with our clients to counsel them on matters ranging from initial startup questions to exit strategies. Our Venture Tech & Emerging Companies practice consists of technologically sophisticated lawyers experienced in assisting clients in making critical decisions at all stages of company development.

We counsel our clients in connection with the following:

  • Company formation
  • Debt and equity fund raisings, including seed financings and convertible debt, venture capital, alternative funding and traditional institutional financing such as bank debt
  • Intellectual property registration, protection and litigation
  • Executive and employee compensation and benefits, including stock and other equity and incentive plans
  • Software, data and technology infrastructure service agreements
  • Distribution, licensing, sales, agency and outsourcing agreements

As experienced advisors, we position our clients for successful fund raisings even before they begin discussions with potential investors.  We ensure that clients have the proper structure in place and guide them on the type of discussions they can expect to have and what investors will expect to see prior to our client meeting with any potential investor.

From routine daily business questions and issues to complex commercial transactions, we guide our clients through all stages of growth.  We regularly leverage the breadth of experience in our firm to ensure that subject matter experts can assist where necessary.  However, we take a unique approach to our early stage company relationships in that our clients can expect to a single partner to be responsible and accountable for that relationship.

We work with companies in a wide range of industries, including medical technology, e-commerce, enterprise software, financial technology, data analytics and Internet infrastructure.  We provide our clients with a competitive advantage by involving the appropriate sector focused lawyers to ensure our clients are aware of the latest developments in their field.



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