Alternative Dispute Resolution

More than ever, the  Norris McLaughlin, P.A. ADR attorneys utilize creative and efficient alternatives to traditional litigation when assisting clients with their legal disputes. In appropriate circumstances, ADR is more cost-effective, achieves faster results, preserves troubled relationships, offers greater confidentiality, and allows for more creative solutions than litigation. It is because of these benefits that our attorneys will often use ADR as a way of avoiding litigation by including arbitration agreements in contracts and other legal documents.

As well as representing our clients during commercial and civil disputes, our attorneys often serve as independent arbitrators and mediators. We are experienced in handling disputes for matters involving attorney ethics and fees, banking, corporate dissolutions, deadlocks and acquisitions, energy, environmental, estates, health care, information technology, insurance, intellectual property, labor & employment, products liability, and utility issues. We also offer innovative services in case consultation and complex case management.


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