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Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Nov 28, 2018

Tax Carve-Out for U.S. Real Estate Agents, Brokers, and Managers

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act created a new Section 199A of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) that provides for a potential tax break on qualified business income of non-corporate taxpayers, beginning in 2018.

Section 199A requires that the qualified business be effectively connected with the conduct of a trade or business within the United States.  » Read More

Oct 26, 2018

Treatment of Capital Gains Reinvested in Qualified Opportunity Zones

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which was signed into law on December 22, 2017, is the biggest overhaul to our Federal Income Tax Code.  It reduces tax rates, eliminates certain deductions, and enhances other deductions and tax credits.  One significant change is the treatment of capital gains invested in a qualified opportunity zoneRead More

Dec 20, 2017

Tax-Saving Strategies for Everyone Before December 31, 2017

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is expected to be signed into law today…. let’s see – and, of course, we will update you accordingly.

Generally speaking, income tax rates will be lower in 2018 than they are in 2017.

Additionally, less people will itemize deductions in 2018. » Read More