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Feb 26, 2019

Companies’ Utilization of Fitness Data Raises Privacy Concerns

Whether it’s a wrist-worn activity tracker or an app on your telephone that counts your daily caloric intake, it is axiomatic that technology is an essential part of our everyday lives.  All the while, these technologies are compiling data about our eating, exercise, and sleeping habits; data which can be analyzed to identify deficiencies and formulate plans for a healthier lifestyle.  » Read More

Jun 03, 2013

Developments in New York City Labor Law

Two pieces of legislation from the New York City Council are poised to affect New York City employers in 2013. The first is a requirement enacted by the Council that prohibits discrimination against the unemployed. The second, expected to be enacted shortly after a legislative compromise was reached at the end of March, would mandate that employers provide employees with paid sick days.

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Apr 17, 2012

Tech Companies Get Creative to Woo Talent

In “On the Hunt for Tech Hires”  in The Wall Street Journal (April 11, 2012), Lauren Weber writes that technology companies, outside of the “Silicon Valley [stars] or hot start-ups,” are wooing tech professionals with perquisites and benefits.  A sense of creativity has found its way into the recruitment process.   » Read More