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Feb 27, 2018

Back to the Future: 2018 and the Protocol for Broker Recruiting

I had the honor of writing a guest column this week for the Mark Elzweig Company newsletter. Mark is an executive recruiter who specializes in placing financial advisors at wirehouse, regional, independent, and RIA firms. In the column, “Back to the Future: 2018 and the Protocol for Broker Recruiting,” I  outline key points of focus in the movement of financial advisors from firm-to-firm under the new Protocol landscape. » Read More

Jul 26, 2013

Stay or Go: Options Are Limited When Your Firm Has Been Indicted

As today’s Wall Street Journal article, “Fund’s Employees Face Uncertainty” indicates: “No major financial firm has survived a criminal indictment.”  With the criminal indictment of  SAC Capital Advisors, many of its current employees are confronted with a difficult decision.   » Read More

May 09, 2012

Lessons Learned from Yahoo! CEO Flap

How is it possible that Yahoo hired its CEO Scott Thompson, missing the fact that he misrepresented his credentials – to wit, he claimed to have a degree in computer science when he did not?

How is it possible that one of the nation’s leading top executive search firms did not uncover this fact during its due diligence on behalf of Yahoo? » Read More

Apr 17, 2012

Tech Companies Get Creative to Woo Talent

In “On the Hunt for Tech Hires”  in The Wall Street Journal (April 11, 2012), Lauren Weber writes that technology companies, outside of the “Silicon Valley [stars] or hot start-ups,” are wooing tech professionals with perquisites and benefits.  A sense of creativity has found its way into the recruitment process.   » Read More