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Feb 06, 2012

It’s All About LEVERAGE in the Negotiation of a Renewal Contract

The critical concept in the negotiation for the renewal of an executive employment contract is LEVERAGE. The answers to the following questions will determine if the individual has leverage in renewal negotiations. How valuable is the individual to the enterprise? What is the executive’s track record, either there or at prior companies? » Read More

Feb 01, 2012

Non-Profit Employment Contracts with Six Figure Severance Payments Draw Scrutiny

Wall Street compensation does not appear to be the only target these days as foundations are coming under increased scrutiny.  Handsome severance packages have been provided within the four corners of executive employment agreements.  The Wall Street Journal reports such is the case at the National September 11 Memorial and Museum.   » Read More

Jan 30, 2012

Jury Decides in Drapkin’s Favor in Quarrel Over Severance Payment

The jury’s decision in favor of Donald Drapkin, former employee of MacAndrews and Forbes, highlights the nuances of contract language – distinctions between substantial performance and material breach.  To avoid cases like these, why not allow for a reasonable period within which to return company property, and not penalize the employee if items are discovered months if not years after the severance has been paid, provided good faith can be shown on the employee’s part. » Read More

Jan 05, 2012


Today is a Strategy Day.  Today’s strategy is “GET IT IN WRITING!!”

Seems obvious, but you would not believe how many individuals start employment without a writing.  This happens regardless of the law requiring offer letters in many jurisdictions.

While “GET IT IN WRITING” are words that you would expect to hear from an attorney, it really holds true.   » Read More

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