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Feb 13, 2015

REWIND: International Business News #100

In this week’s REWIND of international business news,

  • The U.S. Copyright Office released a report last week detailing its findings on, and recommendations to improve, what it calls “the aging music licensing framework.”  Acknowledging that many in the music industry consider the licensing system to be broken, the “Copyright and the Music Marketplace” report undertook an exhaustive review of the music  licensing process, including a focus on music steaming services. 
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Apr 11, 2014

REWIND: International Business News #92

This week, our REWIND of international business news covers Italian court decision that the sky is the limit for Emirates Airline; meanwhile, European venture capitalists skip the 11-hour flight to Silicon Valley to invest in European tech startups; and major global music companies are accused of trying to take the whole “cloud” down.  » Read More

Apr 03, 2013

Digital Products May Not Be Re-Sold Online under “Right of First Sale” Doctrine

Just days after the Supreme Court’s decision allowing a purchaser of books abroad to re-sell them in bulk in the U.S., thereby exercising the purchaser’s “right of first sale” of a copyrighted work, which expressly provides such a sale is not a violation of the copyright law, on March 30, 2013, a New York federal judge has ruled that digital products may not be re-sold on the web under the same doctrine.  » Read More

May 05, 2010

What to Do When Someone Steals Your Web Site Content and You Do Not Know Who Did It

You have discovered that a web site contains content that uses original text, artwork, photography or software that you created or commissioned.  You dutifully do some research (including using a “WHOIS” search on the web) to determine who owns the web site, but the site owner has hired a third party (such as Domains By Proxy) to hold the domain name so that the owner’s identity is not publicly available.» Read More