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Sep 30, 2021

Gov. Tom Wolf Says Pennsylvania Will Welcome Afghan Refugees

Afghanistan, which has recently come under the control of the Taliban, is facing deadly violence and oppression by the Taliban authorities. In response, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf has promised to do his part in welcoming Afghan Refugees.

Taliban’s Takeover of Afghanistan

The Taliban forces acted quickly, expanding their footprint in Kabul by mid-August. » Read More

Sep 23, 2021

Census Numbers Show Lehigh Valley Diversifying: Hispanic Population Now a Majority in Allentown

The U.S. Census Bureau’s population data shows that after years of population growth, the Hispanic population has become a large majority of Allentown, with the Lehigh Valley facing a decline in the population of whites over the last decade.

Hispanic Population Growth in Lehigh Valley

As of 2020, approximately 54 percent of the city’s population, more than 68,000 people, identified themselves as Hispanic. » Read More

Sep 09, 2021

Lehigh Valley Has the Fastest-Growing Young Population in Pennsylvania, Ranging from18–34-Year-olds

With Pennsylvania’s population decreasing in many areas over the last decade, Lehigh Valley’s population grew more than any other region – primarily among millennials and Gen Zers.

Among the 67 counties in Pennsylvania, Lehigh County led in growth among young adults at 12%, and Northampton County came fourth at 8.8%, according to an analysis by Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corp. » Read More

Aug 26, 2021

84 Mayors from across the Nation Have Called on Congress and the President to Pass Immigration Reforms

Scranton, Pennsylvania, Mayor Paige Cognetti, along with 83 other mayors from across the nation, sent a letter to President Joe Biden; Vice President Kamala Harris; U.S. Senate Leader Charles E. Schumer, D-NY; and U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-CA. The letter urges Congress to make swift immigration reforms, considering the economic benefits of legalizing immigrants and the acute labor shortage. » Read More

Aug 03, 2021

Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania: Massage Parlor Owner Faces Deportation after Human Trafficking Plea

Hui Xu, a 46-year-old Chinese national and owner of a massage parlor in Mt. Pleasant, pled guilty to a human trafficking charge in late 2019. Now she moves to revoke the guilty plea, stating that she did not understand English and her previous criminal attorney failed to have a translator during their plea deal. » Read More

Jul 20, 2021

York County Prison in Pennsylvania Stops All Immigrant Detention

After nearly three decades, the York County Prison will no longer detain immigrants who face deportation proceedings. This move was applauded by many immigrant advocates, who have strongly felt that detainees can face removal proceedings without being detained. The decision to close the detention center was caused by a budgetary issue. » Read More

Jul 01, 2021

Recent Study Reveals – Naturalizing Undocumented Immigrants Has Economic Benefit

New research conducted by Progressive Think Tank Keystone Research Center, announced in May, revealed that naturalizing undocumented immigrants in Pennsylvania would substantially benefit the state’s budget. Pennsylvania is home to 900,000 individuals who have an immigrant background, accounting for 7% of Pennsylvania’s population. » Read More

Jun 03, 2021

Immigrant Advocates Fear Re-Detention of Medically Vulnerable Immigrants in Pennsylvania

Owing to the catastrophic spread of the coronavirus, a federal judge last spring ordered U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to release detainees with certain medical conditions. Eighteen detainees were released but continued to appear for their immigration court hearings from outside detention facilities. » Read More

May 07, 2021

Weekly Immigration Round-Up: Landlord Sues Elizabeth, New Jersey, Detention Center; USCIS Agrees to Speed Up Employment Applications for Spouses of Temporary Workers; Federal Court Grants Immigration Judges More Power to Close Removal Cases

New Jersey ICE Detention Center Sued Over Dangerous Conditions

This week, the owner of a property currently being used as an immigration detention facility in Elizabeth, New Jersey, filed a lawsuit against CoreCivic, the company that maintains the prison. The lawsuit alleges that CoreCivic violated the conditions of its tenancy by failing to follow applicable regulations instituted to stop the spread of COVID-19 among its inmates. » Read More

May 06, 2021

150 Unaccompanied Children from Southern Border Arrived in Pennsylvania

Approximately 150 unaccompanied children found at the southern U.S. border have arrived in northwestern Pennsylvania. They will be housed in a dormitory at Pennsylvania International Academy. Governors of Iowa and Nebraska refused to house the refugee children.

The children arrived on the night of April 13 at Erie International Airport where the U.S. » Read More