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Jan 07, 2019

When a Copy or Unsigned Will May Be Good Enough

We all know how important it is to have a will.  Yet, we see one celebrity after another, with substantial estates and who could pay to receive the best advice, die without one.  Until recently, the law viewed the issue as an “either/or” – either you had a validly executed will when you died, or you did not, in which case your assets passed by the laws of intestacy, which were intended to reflect traditional expectations of how a person would want his assets to pass (first to his spouse, then to his children, etc.). » Read More

Aug 03, 2016

Overview of the Guardianship Process: Responsibilities Have Just Begun

You’ve finally been appointed guardian, having satisfied the Court, and maybe some suspicious family members, that a guardianship is necessary for the protection and proper care of your loved one.  Judgment in hand, you leave the courtroom and go back to your car, grateful to have completed the process. » Read More

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