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Jul 19, 2018

Can Communication Be the Key to Avoiding Business Divorce Litigation?

No matter how many times I write about disputes between business partners, and how many times clients tell me their horror stories, I remain amazed by the ease with which some major business divorces could have been avoided.  Most of the time, when a shareholder dispute could have been averted, it is because one of the parties just needed to listen to the other.  » Read More

May 28, 2013

Ability to Access Financial Info Is Broader in Practice than Law Technically Provides

Shareholder disputes often arise because of a lack of information being disclosed by the majority to the minority shareholders.  In New Jersey, there are limitations as to what financial documents must be shared with minority shareholders.  However, most of the time business owners believe that their business partners should share more information than the bare minimum dictated by law. » Read More

Feb 09, 2012

Creating a Succession Plan While Avoiding Litigation with New Business Partners

Surviving in business is difficult with a business partner, especially when you are both 50% shareholders, with neither of you in total control.  Cooperation and trust are critical, and the relationship could have fallen apart at so many different times over the years.  » Read More