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Jun 10, 2019

Mechanic’s Lien Waivers in Contracts Are Generally Not Enforceable: Co-op Boards Beware

All too often, co-op boards become entangled in disputes with contractors and subcontractors who perform work, not on the building’s common areas, but within individual apartments for a shareholder or unit owner. Typically this happens when the shareholder or unit owner fails to pay the contractor or subcontractor who did the work, and the contractor or subcontractor then files a mechanic’s lien under New York State’s Lien Law.» Read More

Jun 04, 2019

Welcome to Our New York Co-op and Condo Blog!

Welcome to The Neighborhood, our New York co-op and condo blog, providing up-to-date and relevant information on topics concerning cooperatives and condominiums, including real estate and compliance. With this blog, our authors will address potential issues that may affect co-op and condo boards, as well as individual shareholders and unit owners.» Read More